partner up with the Corfu Island Pass

Partner up with The Corfu Island Pass

We are always looking for companies on Corfu, in the tourism sector, for collaboration.

From rental companies to sightseeing tours and everything in between, we can help you grow your business! The only thing we ask is to give a discount to the visitors of Corfu, this is directly through your own website or other means of communication/booking.

Additionally your company gets exposure worldwide through our different media channels.

If you have:

  • a rental company
  • Give sightseeing tours
  • have a restaurant/nightclub/bar
  • own a taxi company
  • a hotel/appartment (*no all inclusive!)

We would love working with you!

Participation is completely free and will always be.

*The all inclusive hotels are excluded due to the fact they are not contributing to Corfu tourism.
Corfu Island Pass

Becoming our partner

If you are located on Corfu, Greece, then we welcome you to work with us. Our goal is not only to show everybody who is visiting Corfu the beauty and many activities the island has to offer, but also let them pay less for it.

To become our partner is extremely easy:

  1.  Just send us your company details (name, location and a global description of your company)
  2. We will send you a participation form where you can fill out the percentage, or amount of discount you will give to the visitor . That’s it!
  3. Visitors of Corfu get the full discount you agreed upon when he/she purchased the CIP.

Yes, i’m interested in a partnership! E-mail us here.


As a result of participation you will expand your marketing reach, and in addition, welcome more visitors to your business.

Another plus is that there are no administrative actions for you. No (advertisement) fees, no commissions to be paid.


Let's make Corfu the #1 destination of Greece together!

Affiliate Program

Are you an influencer and does your social media channel host over 20.000 genuine followers?

Contact us here, we will get you excited about The Corfu Island Pass!

Collaborate with The Corfu Island Pass