How it works

After you purchased the pass here, the fun starts. You will receive a download in your mail with all the coupons and you can start planning your holiday!


Upon arrival you can pick up the booklet with the coupons, (time and date of your own choice at the checkout page) the actual coupons are needed by the vendor.

That’s how it works, easy right?

How it works The Corfu Island Pass

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s unique, because the pass will be valid for a whole season! (april-october)

Easy, you purchase the pass and make the reservations for a car, quad, paragliding, sightseeing tour etc. online at the company you wish to use.

One pass for the whole party/family, it doesn’t matter if you are alone or with a party of ten, the pass gives you discount for the total amount.

Probably needless to say, always bring your Corfu Island Pass to the vendor or touroperator, else you risk to have to pay the full amount.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or with which party you are travelling, the pass is suitable and gives you discount for the total amount. Only the most adventurous activities are not suitable or allowed for young children. Check at the company which minimum age for some activities is required.


The discounts you get with the pass are numerous, well over 80 different things to do or rent. You can rent a scooter, a boat, a bike, a car, a quad, basically if you can rent it, you’ll get a discount. Additionally you can go on many tours around the island and beyond.

Daytrips to Paxos, Parga, Albania and Sivota. Wine tours, bus tours you name it!

The discount differs with each company, you can count on between 10% and 20% of the total amount on everything. The amount you save could lead up to more than hundreds of EUROS in one holiday!

In March 2023 you will receive a discount code which you can use online with your pre-order.

The amount you pay for purchasing the pass is little compared to how much you’ll save!

For instance:

If you rent a car for 1 week, the regular price is €750,00 for one week (high season). You get 10% discount, so you’ll only pay €675,-. You already saved €75. Another day you wish to take the cruise to Paxos with 3 more friends or family members, price €55,00 per person, you’ll get a 20% discount. You only pay €44,- a person and additionally save another €44,-.

An other day you want to do a full sightseeing tour around Corfu with 3 more people, price €80,00 p.p., and get a discount of 15% (-€12,00 p.p.). That is another €48 you just saved on the total amount.

The total you just saved is already €167,00!

But you will also get discounts on many other tours and rentals. The price of The Corfu Island Pass is just €39,40, when you rent a car and do one sightseeing tour, you will already be out of costs!


  •  A roadmap with points of interest.
  • A booklet with insider information about Corfu and all the coupons.

and a little gift to cherish your most special holiday.

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